Our Pet Cremation Procedures

  1. Your pet is secured with an identification card and cremation ID tracking number at the Veterinary office (or upon arrival to our facility, if your pet is brought in directly) that stays with them during the entire process.
  2. Just like a human cremation; your pet will be kept in refrigeration storage until the time of cremation.
  3. Your pet’s unique cremation ID number is never given to another pet to ensure you are getting a truly private cremation.
  4. The identification card is put outside the cremation chamber and the unique cremation number is placed with your pet during the cremation process. All cremations are well documented and if you wish, you can learn what day and time your pet’s cremation took place. A Certificate of Cremation will be included in your care package.
  5. If you wish, before cremation, you may consider witnessing your pet being placed in the cremation chamber. You will be able to see that the cremation chamber is clean and empty. (Note: This is not for everyone and can be very difficult for some.)
  6. After the cremation is completed, the cremated remains are taken to processing with all identification and then placed in a paw print tin (included) or an upgraded cremation urn if one was chosen.
  7. You are welcome to use our waiting area, read a book, take advantage of our free Wi-Fi and receive the ashes without delay. (The cremation process can take several hours depending on the size of your pet.)
  8. The same care is taken with your pet if you choose not to view the cremation or if you are having your pet cremated by us through your local veterinarian.

This system allows us to identify your pet not only by name and description but with a unique tracking number for further accuracy. Since we give each pet our personal care and attention, this system has worked flawlessly.


Common inquiries…

How soon will my pet be cremated?

Your pet’s cremation will take place within 3 days of your pet being either delivered to our facility or picked up at your local veterinarian’s office. Often, depending on how busy we might be, we cremate the same day as arrival.

How do I know I am getting my pet back?

It is very important to us to respect the loss of your pet. We pride ourselves and our reputation on the fact we do individual private services fully tracked and recorded every step of the way. The remains are never mixed with any other pet, nor do they have the opportunity to be. You can rest assured that your pet is in good hands with our well trained and compassionate staff.

May I watch the start of the cremation?

You may witness the start of your pets cremation, there is a small charge associated with the service because of scheduling restraints. Witnessed cremations can be scheduled in the morning between 8:30am & 11:00am, Monday – Saturday.

To Schedule a Witnessed Cremation in advance, please call us at 231-421-1370.


Do you have more questions?